Sanabil Holdings (Pvt) Limited Blog Trump says China won’t stop buying US steel

Trump says China won’t stop buying US steel

President Donald Trump on Wednesday told Axios that China would not stop buying American steel.

The president made the comments while talking about steel prices at a steelmaker in California.

“We’re going to make our steel the way it should be made,” Trump said.

“They’re going through the roof, and they’re going the way they’re gonna be made, and I mean, they’re making it at a much, much, more affordable price than they ever have before.

So, we’re going into a world where steel is the way to go.

“China is doing a great job. “

It’s not going to stop, and China is not going down that path, but I think we’re gonna get a lot of steel from China,” Trump continued.

“China is doing a great job.

They’re doing a good job.

And I’m sure they’ll continue to do it, but they’re not going anywhere.”

On Wednesday, Trump was also asked if he thinks the US is under threat from North Korea.

“Yes, I do,” he responded.

“But we’re not in the position right now, so I can’t say anything about that.”

On Thursday, Trump tweeted that China “is making our steel cheaper than ever before.”

“They’ve never made anything like it before,” he added.

Trump’s comments came after President Donald J. Trump, in a speech on Thursday in New York City, announced that the US would cut its steel tariffs by a third from the current rate of 25% to 13%.

The tariff reduction will save the US steel industry around $10 billion per year, according to the president’s speech.

Trump added that he would also end the trade war with China that the president launched in February to punish Beijing over trade practices.

“You know, we have to be very strong and very vigilant.

You have to take China seriously, you have to put your finger on the nuclear button, and you have got to be vigilant,” Trump told the crowd.

“I mean, I mean it’s very important that we do everything we can to make sure that China is taking us seriously.”