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ISIS: US troops are now a ‘security risk’

ISIS: U.S. troops are a “security risk” to the U.K., NATO allies and the international community, according to the head of NATO’s mission in Afghanistan.

In a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her government had no tolerance for “a terrorist organisation” that was responsible for the July 2015 Paris attacks.

“The United Kingdom has taken a clear stance in the past against any organisation which could be considered a security threat, which is why we have had the extraordinary work of coordinating the response to the Paris attacks and ensuring our members and allies are prepared for whatever the future may bring,” Merkel said.

The letter, obtained by CNN, was a response to May’s letter to President Donald Trump earlier this month that accused ISIS of carrying out the Paris terror attacks and pledged to counter any further attacks in the future.

“We are prepared to take additional measures as we see fit,” Merkel wrote.

She added that the U., which was already the largest contributor of military spending to NATO, would “not hesitate to take action in the event of additional terrorist attacks, including any related to the coalition operation in Afghanistan, or any other incidents.”

Merkel’s letter followed Trump’s declaration that NATO members would no longer be paying for its security.

The U.N. Security Council had adopted a resolution earlier this year that called on all members to commit to investing more in defense.

The Trump administration has threatened to withhold billions of dollars in U.,N.

funding if NATO does not meet its obligations.

In the letter, Merkel said the alliance had been “one of the best and most successful allies in recent history” and called for continued U.L.O. cooperation.

“Our relationship with the United Kingdom is one of the most strong in the world, and we want it to continue,” she wrote.

“However, we are not going to take the U.-liers’ view that they can control every single decision that we make.”

May’s office had said last week that the prime minister did not think ISIS was a security risk, saying it “is not known who carried out the deadly attacks in Paris, but we are working to find out.”

May said in her letter that ISIS is a “terrorist organisation” and the U,S., which she called “the only nation that is prepared to protect our people,” has been “the best and the most successful ally in recent memory.”

Merkel also said she hoped NATO members could “immediately” agree to take “all necessary measures” in response to any future attacks in Europe.

The alliance is also working to bolster security in Afghanistan after the deaths of several U.LSO troops.

The United States has said it is sending 5,500 more troops to Afghanistan, which was a top request from May.

The military buildup has been met with mixed responses from the international coalition in Afghanistan and from NATO allies.

NATO’s new headquarters in Brussels is being constructed amid rising tensions between the alliance and the Russian government.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in May that the NATO summit meeting in Warsaw, Poland, was being “under the pretext of promoting peace” and that Russia was opposed to any U.s. plans to build the NATO headquarters there.