Sanabil Holdings (Pvt) Limited Blog How to invest in the oil and gas industry in Calgary?

How to invest in the oil and gas industry in Calgary?

The Calgary Oil and Gas Association (COGA) is offering a new program that aims to help people who are interested in investing in the Canadian oil and natural gas industry.

The program, called The Fund, will help people get started on a portfolio of assets and make an investment in the industry.

“We are introducing the Fund for individuals who have a strong investment horizon, and who want to build a diversified portfolio in the sector,” said COGA President and CEO Michael Wayne.

“The Fund is designed to make investing in Alberta’s oil and [gas] sector as easy as possible, while providing diversification for all individuals in Alberta.”

For individuals who are looking to start their own portfolio, the fund will provide a minimum of $1,000 and a maximum of $25,000, which will allow the individual to make an early investment in oil and other commodities.

The fund is available through COGAs online portal, the CogA Investment Advisory Board, or the Fund Advisor.

For individuals interested in working with a fund manager, COGO offers a variety of financial services.

For those who are already invested in a specific asset class, the Fund offers investment advice, a portfolio builder, and the ability to receive an instant investment confirmation.

For more information on the Fund, please visit

The Fund Advisor is a service that helps individuals to get started with a portfolio, get financial advice on investing in oil or gas, and invest in Canadian companies.

“Funds are important, they provide the opportunity to buy and sell stocks, bonds and commodities, and they can be a safe way to invest for people who may be struggling to make money,” said Michael Wayne, president and CEO of COGE.

“By providing this program to help individuals invest in oil, we are creating an opportunity for people to save money and start to diversify their portfolio.”

The Fund is available to individuals who do not already own oil and/or gas assets.

The individual is required to apply by the end of the month.

For questions regarding the Fund or any of the services provided, contact the Fund Adviser, or email the Fund Advisor, at [email protected], with the subject line, Investment Advisor.

About the Canadian Oil and Chemical Association (COGA): The Canadian Oil & Chemical Association is a membership organization representing oil and coal producers, producers, refiners, suppliers, manufacturers, service providers and distributors in Canada.

The association is based in Edmonton, Alberta.

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