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Alex Ross Investing in Russell Investments

Alex Ross invests in Russell investments.

Ross said he’s invested in investments that “aren’t so hot, and they’re also really diversified.”

Ross is currently a senior portfolio manager at Russell Investments, where he manages the investment portfolio for about 30 clients.

He’s also a former adviser to a hedge fund, and he said he has a reputation for having a high level of personal discipline.

He also says he’s not a fan of investing in stocks that are going up in value, like Apple and Facebook.

But Ross says he understands why some investors may want to buy Russell Investments’ investments.

“I think there’s a lot of great things about Russell Investments,” Ross said.

“They’re diversified, they’re well-managed, they are really good diversified.

But I’m not a Russell believer.”

Ross says his investment portfolio is very diversified and “pretty conservative.”

“They do a really good job of hedging the risk, and so it’s really good at hedging against the volatility of the market,” he said.

But if a stock dips, he says he has the ability to take a small loss on a loss.

He has the option of buying back his investment at a lower price than he paid for it, but he says it’s not worth the risk.

“It’s like putting your life savings in a 401(k), you can only withdraw a certain amount each month.

So you can’t withdraw more than that.

You have to take the cost of it,” he explained.

Ross says Russell Investments also has a low-fee investing service.

But he’s skeptical of Russell Investments because of some of its clients’ past investments.

Russell Investments has had problems with investors with high credit scores, which could make it difficult to get a loan.

Ross, a career investor, said he is trying to stay focused on investing and doesn’t think it’s possible for him to take out a large, high-risk investment in the near future.

He does think it could be possible, however, if Russell Investments were to increase its dividend.

He said he plans to invest $10 million in Russell over the next two years.

Ross has also invested in companies that are in the tech space, like the Twitter, Spotify and Airbnb businesses.

But, he said, the tech industry is not a perfect market.

Ross believes Russell Investments is better suited for investors who are looking for a long-term investment.

“For me, if I’m looking for diversification, Russell is the best, and if I want to get into stocks, I’m going to look for stocks that I can get a good return on,” he told Bleacher Beat.

Ross’ advice to investors: Keep your focus on diversification.

If you’re just looking for an easy investment, keep it simple.

Don’t buy the best company at the top, or the most expensive stock at the bottom, or whatever the case may be.

Invest in stocks you can buy at a low price, and keep your portfolio diversified so you can keep your investment income coming in.

And if you want to do a big move in the stock market, invest in stocks at a high price.

But don’t overthink it.